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Do not see the up or down arrow on the Suggestions webpage for Voting--------------------Status: Up and down arrows are visible for the first row on laptops and desktops, but not on mobile devices. It's a mystery. - GL7/24/201600       
Problems observed on your website were observed, using Apple IPad : 1. on the webpage for My Experiences with Treatments and Therapies: a) screen displays automatically showing "2" treatments, with a new one not yet having been entered, b) data entered for a New Treament cannot be saved, and the links on the top of that webpage do not work; 2. The webpage for My DISH Pain Record: a) user cannot edit or delete a record for which incorrect data was mistakenly entered, b) the graph for Sleep Interferer displays incorrect data results---------------------Status: problems under #1 have been fixed, and users can now delete pain records. - GL 7/24/201600       
This is a great idea and could be a very valuable tool for DISH researchers, practioners and patients if there is an extensive amount of reliable data. Please heavily promote this website so that this can happen. Thanks. 7/24/201600