Hello, I'm Greg Lindberg, a fellow DISHy. I created this web app and database in the hope that we DISH patients, ourselves, will use it to pool information that will lead to a better understanding of this disease and eventually, to more effective treatments. I've gotten this project off to a start, but I'm going to need your help and advice in order for it to evolve and grow. I hope that you will not only use it, but will offer useful suggestions for further development and refinement.

I have some professional background in the evaluation research, but do not have much experience or training in medical research. Any help I can get in that area will be much appreciated. I realized how much I enjoyed building things in the middle of my career, taught myself software development, and switched to that field. I am now retired -- DISH and osteo-arthritus having taken a serious toll on my back, neck and hands.

Thanks to all of you who participate. I hope that you will get some benefit out of it by being able to learn from the experiences of others.